All patients or patient representatives are expected to complete the HIPAA privacy notification. Completion of this process will provide our office with the necessary information to handle your medical information in the most confidential manner. Your care will not be discussed with anyone, with the exception of your medical insurance carrier and medical personnel, unless you have given us express written authorization.

After hours care: Our medical staff is available 24/7 and we can be reached after hours by calling (585) 393-3515. You will be prompted to enter your phone number or leave a voice message and the provider on-call will contact you. Please note that after hour phone calls should be for emergencies that need immediate attention and not for issues that have been present over the last few days, or for prescription refills that could have been taken care of during regular business hours. Please be respectful of the time that our medical staff has with their families after hours.

Prescriptions: We are happy to refill your medication requests as long as any requested testing has been completed. A 24 hour notice for medication refills is recommended and a 3 day notice for any narcotic refills is necessary. Please note that prescriptions for narcotics must be picked up in the office. We are unable to phone in or mail any narcotic prescriptions. A contract for controlled substance use must be signed by the patient or patient representative. In some instances, a urine drug screen will be necessary. For all prescriptions other than a controlled substance, please contact your pharmacy for any refills. The pharmacy will contact our office directly.

Co-pays are expected at the time of service. Co-pays not paid at the time of service will incur a $10.00 billing fee. Farmington Family Practice’s policy is payment at the time of service; therefore a $10.00 charge for billing will appear on any unpaid balance monthly.

In order for Farmington Family Practice to provide all of our patients with the necessary medical care and on a timely basis, we allow 3 no-show appointments. That is, appointments that are scheduled and not canceled at least 24 hours before their scheduled time. After three such “no show” appointments, FFP reserves the right to terminate medical care with thirty days’ notice. There will be a $50 fee assessed for appointments that are canceled without a 24 hour notice and for those appointments that a patient no shows. Regularly scheduled appointments cannot be scheduled until the $50 fee has been assessed.

Confirmation calls for scheduled appointments are typically made 2-3 days prior to your scheduled appointment. Please note that confirmation calls are a courtesy and our practice makes every attempt to ensure that they are made, however, it is your responsibility to know the date and time of your appointment.

We are members of the Rochester Regional Health Organization (RHIO). The Rochester RHIO enables our practice to access accurate, up-to-date information that we need to provide you with the optimum medical care. You will be asked to sign a form allowing us access to your medical information that may be at another facility, i.e. hospital admissions, laboratory testing, etc. A few of the advantages of the RHIO are fewer repeated tests, less chance of drug interactions, and a greater convenience for patients in the event that they would need to hand carry medical information to their physician. RHIO is confidential and all access to a patient’s health information is tracked. As the patient, you can choose whether or not to participate with the RHIO.

Worker's Compensation: Farmington Family Practice does not provide medical care to patients with any injuries or illness that is the result of the patient’s employment. All patients with any work related injury or illness will be referred to Healthworks in Farmington, New York.